Anatomy of the Human Eye

To create this infographic, I used Keynote on my MacBook. It is Apple’s equivalent to PowerPoint and since I am familiar with using it, I like to create infographics with it. I started from scratch to create this image. Keynote is simple and easy to use when starting from scratch which is why I like it. I researched the anatomy of the eye briefly; roughly 10 minutes, before starting. Creating this infographic took me about an hour altogether.

First, I found a simple, good-quality image of an eye diagram without existing labels or arrows (which was probably the hardest part). Next, I just took it step by step and added in my arrows/lines and labels to each part of the eye. I centered the eye and worked around it. I kept my font simple and went with the defaulted font as I liked it and thought it looked clean and professional for an image of this nature. I kept the font black as I wanted to make sure it was easy to read. I added some effects to the image of the eye and my title as I wanted to make it a little more visually appealing without degrading the quality of the infographic as a whole.


Image: Link

Info: Click here

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