The Sunshine State

Welcome To Florida!

Well, that’s a sign that recently welcomed me as I adventure to the unknown regions of the Caribbean within the coming days… But, nevertheless, while most people were dissecting animals, foods and houses, I figured I would dissect a state!

Kicking it off, I created two graphs and charts based off data acquired for the Average Temperatures by month and the places Most Visited in Florida. Around that, I wanted to make the infographic look more like something you would see on a pamphlet and/or in a state welcome center. The color schemes are lightly spread throughout the graphic, attempting to display that of sites you’d see in the state (ex. islands, oceans, sand, palm trees, etc.) I also wanted people to recall memories by seeing this and lead to escapism in their minds.

I hope you found this graphic and facts making you want to visit the sunshine state!


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