Bird Anatomy Infographic

After witnessing several anatomy infographics, I thought I should do one on the subject, especially with my familiarity of it. I chose to do one for birds, as they are an interest to me as a photographer and are worth learning about in their own right. One thing I wanted to learn more about when joining birding communities is their anatomical vocabulary, as it is hard to understand. I was also going to do this for my website project last semester, but decided it was too difficult to accomplish.

I’m sticking with simple PowerPoint for now, until I learn Illustrator effectively and/or will let me access it again. I started with a png photo from Pixabay of a Northeastern Bluebird, one of the most elegant birds in the area. I realized after I designed it that it’s natural colors may not be the best for color blind people. I tried to make it grayscale, but decided against it. It took all the life out of the infographic. The background is a simple gray to contrast with the bright colors. Although white works too, it doesn’t look like I did much with it.

Inserting the lines and text boxes repeatedly started to get annoying, so its motivating me to find a better software faster. I also had to change my font EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I also would have liked to add a png crown, but Pixabay did not have one, and I was sad.

I used a random image and Cornell Bird Lab online to make my graphic. I realized after using Cornell that this is just the feather layer, although beak is “skin” layer. There is so much to the bird’s anatomy, this is only the layer we typically see.

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