With football season over…oh, wait. What?!?

With the big game concluding to the NFL 2019-2020 season, we welcome in a new era of football; the new and improved, XFL. The XFL has shown promise over it’s first two weekends, scoring higher ratings than the previous flopped football league, the Alliance of American Football League (AAF). The XFL drew in more than 3 Million viewers on average the last two weekends with a slight increase in week 2 action.

The XFL consists of 8 teams, fighting for 10 weeks, for two playoff rounds and one winner! Sound exciting? Good! If not, baseball season is around the corner, folks!

Above is a chart showing the NFL week 1, 2, 3, Playoffs (average views) and Super Bowl (total views). Obviously, the XFL is no competition at this stage to the NFL, but some are shocked it got the opening reaction it did.

This is a line graph, emphasizing the total amount of views per game in week 1 of the XFL season, as well as, the length of the viewership. Seattle VS. DC showing the highest watch, while NY VS. Tampa had the longest stretch of viewership.

I think we all need to applaud the football fans that came out to support and join in the new league, hoping this one sticks around longer than most!

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