Cyberbullying Infographic

For this infographic, I chose something i’ve always felt strongly about and feel is a topic that is under discussed. Bullying is something I and most people have went through before in their lifetime and we all know it is not something easy to cope with. I thought it would be a good idea to bring attention to the topic with this infographic and show some statistic of how bad cyberbullying really is.
I used the website Canva. com to create this infographic once again because it is by far my favorite. I tried using another website when starting this infographic but after getting used to Canva’s set up, I decided to go back. It is just so easy to follow and the many templates they have give me so many ideas for other infographic.
When creating my design, I wanted to make the infographic bold but also using dark color since the topic is dark itself. The bold and white text throughout the entire infographic grabs your attention and makes you want to keep reading more. I wanted to use more graphics on this design but it was hard to choose something appropriate. Keeping things simple was definitely smart for this type of infographic but for the next one, I plan to choose a topic where I can get more involved in my design.


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