Charts and Graphs 2 – Joe Touey

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This weeks graphs I used Canva. Despite my disappointment last week with the program, I found it easier to create graphs on this program than any other that I encountered. The two topics that I researched were Phillies player Bryce Harper’s batting average from year to year, which I displayed on a line graph, and the number of All-Star appearances of the 2020 NBA All-Star Game starters, which I displayed in a horizontal bar graph. I did the research for my line graph on Bryce Harper’s baseball reference page, which lists his career statistics, including his batting average: I did the research for the 2020 NBA All-Stars by going to the NBA All-Star website, where it lists the number of appearances next to each player’s name: My design process was different for each graph. For the Harper line graph I chose to add a grass background to match the baseball theme. On the bar graph I tried to make it a simplistic as possible. On both graphs I thought there was a benefit of labeling each entry, to easier track the numbers. The main difference from my last charts and graphics package was that this time I avoided templates, instead electing to do it myself. I also used new kinds of charts, electing for a line graph instead of a pie chart. The labels were the other main difference because it felt the data was easier to track that way.

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