Bloomsburg University Facts!

To create this infographic, I started from scratch and used Keynote on my Macbook. I like that this program is very simple and straight-forward to use. What I do not like about Keynote is that it is a little bit more confusing that plain old PowerPoint. Powerpoint is just a little bit more advanced and professional in my opinion.

As for my topic, I just researched it on the Bloomsburg University website. It took me about 10 minutes to research and about 45-60 minutes to create. I am indecisive and had a hard time deciding on colors, types of charts to use, and which information to include. But once I figured it out, it was a breeze. I did not choose Bloomsburg University colors for any particular reason, I just thought the green looked good. As for font, I chose Impact because it was the first font I saw that was different but looked good and was easy to read. Once I finished my charts, I just arranged it on the page in a way that looked the best to me.

Something I did differently this week was putting both charts on the same infographic instead of doing two separate ones. I think I am happy with this choice, I think it looks better this way and more visually appealing. Last week I used a bar graph and a pie chart for my infographic. This week I used a table and line graph. Choosing which type of information to use to fit best in each graph required some thought, but pretty simple.


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