Coronavirus Updated and Expanded

Coronavirus 2

For this inforgraphic, I wanted to trace the growth of the coronavirus over time. Unfortunately, most news articles are ‘news’ articles and only present the latest information while hiding older information. Other articles are ongoing and contstantly being updated. So, because I haven’t kept a tally of all the statistics of the novel coronavirus’ spread since it the beginning of the outbreak, I had to primarily use World O Meters for reference. I used some of their numbers, because they are recorded numbers in news articles if they weren’t buried in the ‘old news’ pile.

I took the numbers they provided and curated the content to create more concise graphs and charts. I started with my line graph that was recording numbers of cases over time. Instead of adding all the numbers from everyday, I just started with January 23 and went by increments of 7 days, or a week. I tweaked the presets and made the font look better.

For my bar chart, I narrowed the cases down to the countries that seem to be of the most significance, instead of all of them. Japan now has the largest number of cases outside of China, which could be disastrous for the country if it is in the mainland. Hong Kong has also had issues with mainland China recently. South Korea is important because they are a very important partner and many people fly out of South Korea to the West because its the furthest part in mainland Asia. Germany and the UK are also important European countries. France had its first death from coronavirus as of this writing. I chose countries that were of important note or interest.

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