Mental Health and University Students

For this infographic I decided to use to build my charts. I always use templates just to give me a general set up of what I will be displaying but I ultimately end up designing my info-graph in a way that does not resemble the original template so it becomes a work and design of my own. I like using because it is super user friendly and will give you a great professional look. 

To research this topic I used google, I then went onto .edu and .org sites to make sure my information was legitimate and real. This topic of research took surprisingly longer than what I expected and cost me about two hours finding stats and data regarding mental health. After gathering my research the info graphs themselves took me about an hour to create both of them because enter the data in was finicky. 

I used a lot of contrast colors in my design so people would be able to read the stats and data easily and made it appealing to the eye. I also included pictures of people being mindfulness practicing meditation and pictures of college students together so this info-graph would be able to be liked by a university student. I traditionally like to keep my font chooses simple and clear to read so the reader doesn’t have to focus super hard on reading the titles and have an easier time gathering the data.

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