The Spread of the Novel Coronavirus Infographic (2/8/2020)

This infographic was made February 5th and is likely to change in the future.

Designing this infographic was fun because, I tired comparing cases from China with the rest of the world and realized that no chart would adequately show the difference I wanted. China has almost 34,000 infections as of the time of this writing, compared to a handful of people from other countries.

But I really wanted to do charts on the virus because it’s an important subject at the moment, so I had to think of some other ways to display data. I then wanted to compare China to the rest of Asia, and there was still a massive gap in numbers. Even comparing Chinese cases of infection with the rest of the world was hard.

So I decided the best comparison was also the one most relevant to us, that being cases of infection in the United States broken up by state. This could also help you determine what states to stay away from if you have any travel plans for spring break.

I used the shades of blue, or just one color as instructed, even though the preset was multicolored. Then I decided to compare another set of numbers that isn’t currently being compared, that of the rate of deaths and recovery. As the infographic shows, the amount of recoveries exceeds the rate of death, which isn’t currently a something most media outlets are reporting.

I epidemiologist, so I don’t know if we are still in danger of pandemic. But the numbers I used to make the bar chart look promising.

I saw that everyone else’s infographic was more colorful and looked better, so I hope I didn’t make a mistake by experimenting with Microsoft Excel this time.

thumbnail_Coronavirus Infographic

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