Demi Lovato Infographic

For this Infographic, I chose to use and I also used an already existing template to help me create a well organized first Infographic. What I really enjoyed about using this program was how simple it was right off the bat and the template gave blanks to fill in so no matter how much information I added, it didn’t get unorganized. There wasn’t much I disliked about this program as you could start from scratch if you wanted and really design an Infographic however it is pleasing to you.

I researched this topic by using Google search as Demi Lovato is a popular artist and information about her seemed to pop up instantly. It took me about 30 to 45 minutes total to get all the information and data about Demi that I wanted to for this Infographic and it ended up fitting into the template I was using perfectly. Putting the Infographic together took a little bit more time but that is just because I am a perfectionist and I wanted it to be organized effectively.

The design process was my favorite part of making this Infographic as I wanted to keep it visually pleasing and not loaded with too much information. Demi Lovato is a very visually pleasing individual to begin with so I wanted that to shine through into this Infographic. I chose to stick with a very simple yet feminine theme and kept font and color the same throughout the entire design. I believe the layout of this design ended up being very visually pleasing as I hoped and the organization of it was maintained throughout the design.

#Demi #Artist #Performer #ddlovato #Survivor #Confident


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