Kim Kardashian

When creating this infographic I used Power Point. I really liked doing it this way because I am not good at using photoshop so this way was more comfortable to me. I have used Power Point many times in my academic career but never to make an infographic, so it was interesting using the application in a totally new way. I started this infographic from scratch, it was hard making sure everything lined up and everything was the same size and font. That was the only think I disliked about Power Point, it was hard moving around so many little parts without messing up parts that already existed on my image. It did not take me long to research the topic because I grew up watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Most of the information I already knew due to that fact, all I had to really research was specific dates and titles. I made the limited color choices that I did because I was trying to go off off Kim Kardashian’s brand, she is very minimalistic, if you look at her home it looks like an art museum. I did not think bright colors would go well with her style.


Slide1 3

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