Ken Miles

I used photoshop to produce my Ken Miles infographic. The backdrop and all photos were put together from scratch. When I decided to create my infographic for Ken Miles I was leaning towards an “old school” look because Ken was an old school racecar driver from the 1950-60’s. Most of my research was prior knowledge because I am a big race fan and have known about Ken for many years, but I did get some information like his birth and death dates from Wikipedia. My research did not take long due to my prior knowledge, but the infographic itself took me near 5/6 hours to get everything exactly where I want it to be. My design process began with the backdrop, which was filtered out through several “smooth stone background” photos in my google searches. My next move was the centered picture of Ken, as well as the title. The font I used correlates with the time period, and the text is highlighted with the same red shown on the side of the GT40 racecar just below Ken. I then began to gather more photos and position them on the right side of Ken, following the split between concrete and brick from the background image. Photoshop allowed me to blend these images in with their surroundings, as well as erase and fade the images to blend together as one in a sense. I wanted the photos to appear as if they were a timeline of Ken’s racing career. Overall I am very pleased with the aesthetic of the infographic, and I had a lot of fun completing this first assignment.

Ken Miles at Le Mans 1966 - A warrior about to mount his steed.

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