What program did you use to create your infographics? Did you use a template or start from scratch? What did you like or dislike about this program?

For my program I used Canva. For my template, I started from scratch. I find starting from scratch helps expand my creativity. With the Canva program, I like how easy the search engine is for photos. The Canva program offers an amazing array of photo options to fit your infographics needs. 

What elements of the story caught your attention? Which points of the story did you think could be enhanced by the infographic?

Elements of the story that caught my attention were the name of the spaceship and the four astronauts aboard. I thought the name of the spacecraft was intriguing and including an infographic of a photo of the shape, the craft would be informative. When did I see the name my mind first went to what does it look like? I then thought an infographic of those aboard would enhance the information. When I read four people were aboard for 200 days I thought how old were they? boy/girls? What experience do they have? By adding the photo of the people aboard, made it easier to feel connected to their story and journey. And lastly, I found the SpaceX capsule interesting for the astronaut’s safety. I thought this was an interesting part of the story and made me wonder what it looked like? So I created my third infographic to show this part of the space shift to example the information better to those reading. 

How did you research this topic?

To research this information I looked into the Space X craft and decided what photo to use. I read more information about the team and who was aboard on this mission. I also looked into what a space capsule was a found an appealing photo of the Space X capsule. 

How long did it take you to research and then create the infographics?

To collect all the information, edit my infographic, and create my post I would say 4-5 hours to create. 

What was your design process like? Walk us through why you made the color choices, font choices, and layout choices you did.

For my design process, I started by choosing colors and a layout for each. For my color choices, I wanted to go with something more neutral. I find this to work best in helping the image stand out and be the main focus. For my layout choices, I work with the information and photo to create something appealing to the eye. 


Space X Capsule Photo/Info 

Space X Photo

Kathy Lueders Photo

4 Crew Members 

Shane Kimbrough Photo

Akihiko Hoshide Photo 

Megan McArthur Photo

Thomas Pesquet Photo  

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