Unvaccinated Military

By: Katianna Lapotsky

I would add this infographic under number 6. This way the viewer has a visual before they begin reading.

I would add this infographic under number 3. I think it would fit well so the viewer knows what Cox looks like.

I would add this infographic under number 25. I think this visual would be helpful when reading the numbers, you would be able to have a better understanding with the added chart.
  • What program did you use to create your infographics? Did you use a template or start from scratch? What did you like or dislike about this program?

For this infographic I used Canva. For my template I started from scratch, I find this helpful because I have full creative control. Every week I learn something new about Canva and my skills continue to grow. I like that this program lets me change the color on added icons. This is helpful when making everything match.

  • What elements of the story caught your attention? Which points of the story did you think could be enhanced by the infographic?

In this story it caught my attention that we will have some troops not getting the vaccine. I thought they would all be 100% vaccinated as they’re role models for our country. I think by adding the charts of which troops are more then others we can see the info laid out more formally.

  • How did you research this topic?

I did my research within the article we were provided.

  • How long did it take you to research and then create the infographics?

This project took me around 4 hours.

  • What was your design process like? Walk us through why you made the color choices, font choices, and layout choices you did.

For my design process I started by picking out the information I wanted to use and creating the graphs. I then started to create a layout that I could use for my three projects. I wanted to use something that was simple and would workout together with the information.


Cox Photo 


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