Went in one ear and out the other!

  • What program did you use to create your infographic? Did you use a template or start from scratch? What did you like or dislike about this program?

For my infographic I used Canva to create a diagram of the ear. I started from scratch for this project. First I picked a background color that matched the ear. Second I added my photo of the ear and started adding in the titles. After that I added in the arrow pointing to the given part. At the bottom I added a fun fact to make my infographic more interesting. For this program I enjoyed creating my own labels and making something you could find in a text book!

  • How did you research this topic?

For my research I had to find a picture of the inner ear. I then searched a diagram of the ear to use as a reference for my labels. For the bottom of my infographic I looked up interesting facts about the ear and came across something I never knew! For my tittle I researched quotes about the ear.

  • How long did it take you to research and then create the infographic?

For this project the research took me about one hour. And another hour to create my Canva infographic. And 45 minutes to create my WordPress post!

  • What was your design process like? Walk us through why you made the color choices, font choices, and layout choices you did.

For my design process I wanted the colors to reflect the image of the ear I picked so I went with a nude/pink color for my background. I then chose pink arrows to point to the parts of the ear to tie in my color scheme. For my font I wanted to use something classic that you would find in a book, medical flyer, or poster! I used the color black to stand out against the imagine.

Ear Diagram  

Photo of the Ear 

Fun Fact about the Ear

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