My infographic topic was population size US vs China. I decided to go with this topic because of the drastic size difference. When we think about the population it is hard to visualize how much of a difference there truly is. When making charts your audience can get a visual and better understand the comparison. For my infographic, I used Google Docs to make both graphic charts. This was helpful since google charts add the data information and create the chart data for you. After this, I then saved the charts and put them into a flyer in Canva. I decided to put them into a flyer to add a little more information for my audience. For my canvas flyer, I started with a grey background and added shapes/texts I saw needed.

For my topic research, I started by finding the current numbers of each country. From there I was able to compare the two and came across live population charts that changed by the second. It was really interesting to watch and think that is a new life that has just entered the world. From this thought, I wanted to make a second chart about the number of births in each country every year. I think having another infographic was helpful when understanding the mass amount of people in each country.

For my infographic my research took an hour, after that I gathered what I found and plugged it into google chart which took 30 mins. I then went into canva and started designing my infographic and added the charts I made into my design (1 hour). After that, I added my text into the design (20 mins). And uploaded it to WordPress!

For my design plan, I started with picking the colors for my graphics. I decided to do red and blue since they are very different colors and easy to see the difference visually. After that, I added the numbers and titles to the graphics. I started to design my canva flyer with grey/white so the red/blue stood out more. I added light grey shapes under the text so it would pop and a corner of grey to tie that together. 


China population numbers 

US population numbers

US live birth rates

China live birth rates

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