PROGRAM: For my infographic project I used the app Canva. I picked Canva as my program because it is the editing app I am most comfortable with. In the past I have used this program to create flyers for my sorority Instagram account, this program offers many great features to make your project unique and stand out!

RESEARCH: Reese Witherspoon is best known for her role in legally blonde (filmed in 2001). With Reese Witherspoon being a household name so it was not hard to find information about this actor. In my research, I came across many articles, photos, videos, and more. This project helped push me to organize information in a way that is appealing to the eye with still being informative. I tried to group the research into different sections on my infographic. I did this so I could fit as much of the information I came across. Doing research for a design is something I have never done! This project helped me learn more about what information is important, how to find it, and then display it.

TIMELINE: My timeline for this project was to first find the information I wanted to use. After that I tried research Reese Witherspoon’s personal style, I wanted to better understand this part of her so when you looked at my project it reflected her as a person before you even began to read. After that I began to plug n all my information before I started my design just to make sure I had all the informations. I then had to decide on what photos, colors, fonts and layout I wanted for my project. After I combined all of these steps this project took me multiple hours of work to get the final result I was happy with!

DESIGN PROCESS: For my process I started by picking colors that reflect her as a person. Since she is best known for Legally Blonde I decided to use pink as my background color. Since that movie was filmed when she was 23 I wanted to use a more muted pink that would be more fitting for a 45 year old woman. I then tried to find clear photos with a neutral background so she was the main focus. I then put the information into sections that relate to each other and tried to use a mix of grey and white letter so all the words didn’t get lost. I put her name at the center and added a quote from her underneath her name so people can learn more about her personality.


Reese Witherspoon Biography

Reese Witherspoon 25 Facts

Reese Witherspoon photo  

Reese Witherspoon photo gallery

Reese Witherspoon book facts

Reese Witherspoon Instagram account

Reese Witherspoon PEOPLE

Reese’s Book-Club

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